Summer Camps 2017

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Everything about Art Adventures is unique. We treat students like our own children… with hugs, love and teaching above and beyond what may be expected. Instead of telling kids what to make, we give them tools and techniques to help them manifest their ideas. At the end of each camp students can come home with a finished painting, a fired and painted clay sculpture and a unique craft (like jewelry, batik/wax painting, carving, paper mache and more!) There are over 50 crafts to choose from in each camp! Parents are often so “wow-ed” by what the kids create, they cannot believe we did not do it for them. Needless to say, children are popping with self confidence and eager to come back for more. Fortunately, every Art Camp is different, so sign up as many times as you want and make something new every time!

I love to teach. I love to see students get excited about what they are doing. I love to see kids get excited about what their neighbor is creating. The energy in the Art room is full of life and new processes. Come see for yourself what all the talk is about! (There are adult classes too!- YES, even you can do it. Feel free to try a class for free!)

Hugs and squeezes with oodles of creativity too!

-Amy Barr, owner and teacher

Summer Camps start in June…a perfect way to try something new

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Summer is well underway….lazy days of summer also turn into  constant running from swim meets;  mom taxi service depositing children in various locations…why not enjoy some time for yourself and sign the kids up for camp at Art Adventures?  Whether you are in need of an hour a day for a sanity break or want to stack the classes for the day, here are the details for our Art Camps….

Camps run from Monday- Friday…perfect amount of time to enjoy a long weekend as a family…

Camps are run from 9am-noon-  You can take a hour class any time within, or a block of classes…

Class descriptions are on our summer brochure on the website…

All materials are provided with the exception of Fashion Design…students will bring in a plain cotton t shirt, any color, and a hoodie or jeans item to decorate and embellish…

We look forward to seeing you!


Details, details details…

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Congratulations to all our students for a fabulous art show! We are so proud of you! It was so much fun to see everyone dressed up and some people even had flowers! One dad bestowed personal awards to his children because he had to leave for work before they arrived…adorable! Thanks to everyone that helped with set up and break down..many hands make light work!

Happy Spring!

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Greetings from Art Adventures!

We hope everyone is as excited as we are to see the days staying longer and the weather warmer! Lots of busy bees at the studio as well…art students of all ages are enjoying their art classes as well as the teachers who teach them…a warm welcome to Stephanie who is our Cartooning and Illustration teacher and to Eric who is teaching at our Chester location. Speaking of our Chester location, it is moving and shaking… it is between River’s Bend and Points of Rock Park.

We are going to be offering a LIVING SOCIAL this Spring for summer camps; and our Summer Camp Schedule will be out by the end of March if not before.  As always, Art Adventures offers a fabulous array of summer camp classes that you can customize to fit your schedule.

First day of art classes starts today, September 7!

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Hello friends!
We are so happy to be starting back with Fall Art Classes! Remember to become a fan of Art Adventures on Facebook where Ms. Pam is chattering away with fun ways to get a coupon for classes…

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Happy Spring Break!  Art Adventures is closed the week of April 5 !  We resume classes on the 12th of April…

So how creative will you be on your Spring Break?  I know some of us are working on our gardens, taking trips to fun locations, having picnics in the park and other fun stuff…. I know Jill and I will be creating art  to get ready for some art shows this Spring…We’d love to hear about what you are doing!

Updated Summer Schedule

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Here is the updated summer schedule: Summer 2010 Schedule & Info

A few changes were made to the excursions but all else is the same as the brochure from last week.

Summer Schedule is Here!

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The Summer 2010 Brochure is here!

Click the link below to view the summer camp schedule, camp descriptions and details on this years Art Excursions!


Looking for donations of recycleable materials…

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We are collecting supplies for a class for summer that is Recycled Fashion!
Please think of us when you are recycling…here are some things we are looking for:

  • aluminum soda tabs from the tops of canned sodas…
  • bottlecaps
  • old blue jeans
  • juice boxes or juice bags like Capri Sun or Kool Aid …rinsed out
  • chopsticks
  • plastic grocery bags
  • magazines
  • paper wrappers from candy bars..regular or large size…
  • interesting colored labels from any sort of packaging…please flatten the label and send it in…

This is a good start, if anyone comes across some recycled treasure, do not hesitate to bring it to our attention…

Thank you as always for your help!

Pam and Amy

Art Adventures is Closed Feb 10 for classes

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Ugh!  Another snow day!  Art Adventures is officially closed today due to weather!

Whoever is still snow dancing…time to stop!  Hee Hee…hopefully all will be good and we will be in school tomorrow!

Stay safe and warm!

To our high schoolers, please drive cautious in this weather…slow and steady is the way to go….

See you soon!

the Art Adventures family

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