Summer Camps start in June…a perfect way to try something new

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Summer is well underway….lazy days of summer also turn into  constant running from swim meets;  mom taxi service depositing children in various locations…why not enjoy some time for yourself and sign the kids up for camp at Art Adventures?  Whether you are in need of an hour a day for a sanity break or want to stack the classes for the day, here are the details for our Art Camps….

Camps run from Monday- Friday…perfect amount of time to enjoy a long weekend as a family…

Camps are run from 9am-noon-  You can take a hour class any time within, or a block of classes…

Class descriptions are on our summer brochure on the website…

All materials are provided with the exception of Fashion Design…students will bring in a plain cotton t shirt, any color, and a hoodie or jeans item to decorate and embellish…

We look forward to seeing you!


Details, details details…

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Congratulations to all our students for a fabulous art show! We are so proud of you! It was so much fun to see everyone dressed up and some people even had flowers! One dad bestowed personal awards to his children because he had to leave for work before they arrived…adorable! Thanks to everyone that helped with set up and break down..many hands make light work!

First day of art classes starts today, September 7!

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Hello friends!
We are so happy to be starting back with Fall Art Classes! Remember to become a fan of Art Adventures on Facebook where Ms. Pam is chattering away with fun ways to get a coupon for classes…

Art Adventures Photo/Video Release form

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Say Cheese!

Hi friends!  To make it easier to get the word out and keep everyone current  about Art Adventures,we are sending home a yellow form with your child giving us permission to take photos and/or videos of them in class.  Basically, this makes it a much easier job of showing what is happening in art and not omitting the most important element…the kids!  Please fill out and return your form as soon as possible, and be on the lookout for new pictures.  Videos may be short instruction or just for fun! We don’t use any names with the pictures, just smiling faces and good times!

Thank you as always for your support of Art Adventures.

Thanksgiving Centerpiece


  1. Disposable glove
  2. Feathers
  3. Scraps of craft foam
  4. Tacky glue
  5. Scissors
  6. Yellow tissue paper
  7. Small piece of styrofoam (to use as a base)
  8. Raffia
  9. Rubber band

Stuff a disposable glove with crumpled tissue paper. Use a rubber band to close up the bottom. Poke a hole in the Styrofoam and push rubber banded bottom of glove into the hole. Glue feather onto both sides of the fingers and palm of the stuffed glove. Cut out eyes, waddle, and beak from craft foam. Glue onto thumb. Cover the Styrofoam base with pieces   of raffia.

Thanksgiving Arts & Crafts: Cornucopia

1. tissue paper (brown, purple, blue, yel-
low, red, orange and green)
2. (1) 9″ x 12″ piece of newsprint
3. (1) 9” x 12” white construction paper
4. liquid starch
5. paint brush
6. black crayon



1. Cut a cornucopia out of brown tissue paper. Cut various fruit shapes from the other
colors of tissue paper.
2. Have children arrange their design first on newsprint.
3. Paint the white construction paper with liquid starch. Move the arrangement from
the newsprint to the white paper, one piece at a time. Go over the top of each piece
lightly with the liquid starch. Be careful not to go over the edges so the colors won’t
4. Outline the design with crayon after it is dry. The colors of the tissue will have run a
bit and this makes it more interesting. Outline the original fruit design.

Acrylic Painting for Beginners

Acrylic paint is a fairly new addition to the world of painting.  It’s only been around since the 50’s, however many artists have benefited from it’s existence over the last 55 years.  Acrylic paints are super versatile and easy to use even for beginners.  They can be applied thickly or in thin washes similar to watercolors.  Unlike oils, acrylic paint does not yellow or harden over time.  It stays “fresh” looking rather than aged.

Many artists prefer acrylics because they are fast drying and they can be applied and layered much faster than oil paints.  As a beginner, be mindful of the quick dry time, as you can’t dawdle.  The dry time will be even faster if you decide to paint outside on a hot sunny day, so consider working with another form of paint if you must paint outside in the heat.

Some artists like acrylics because they can mimic watercolor washes, however you must wait for one layer of acrylic to dry completely before applying another of course.  After acrylic paint begins to dry it will be very difficult to modify and you will end up with hard edges.  There are 2 ways to avoid this problem:  1) dampen the paper before the paint is applied or 2) use an additional brush that is damp with water.  Use one brush to apply the acrylic paint and soften the edges with the other brush that has been dampened with the water immediately.

Do you need expensive acrylic paint as a beginner?  In the experimental stages it’s okay to use cheaper supplies, but as you improve you may want to invest in higher quality paints.  When it comes to buying art supplies, you generally get what you pay for.  If you buy cheap paint, you will get a cheap looking picture lacking in vibrancy.  If you buy cheap brushes, they will be likely to fall apart quickly.  If you decide to commit yourself to the joy of painting, invest in equipment and materials that will yield the results you want.

Starlight & Art Adventures team up

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Art is for EVERYONE! Art builds self confidence which, in turn,  builds the inner strength in all of us. Reaching out to children with serious illnesses, Art Adventures recently partnered with Starlight for a day of fun and release for families and their children. Whether it be a terminal illness or progressive disease, art was the cure for the day! We all put our worries aside and had lots of hugs, laughter and creativity! Community outreach and support is an important part of what we do. Art Adventures is committed to bringing out the best in everyone and reminding us that our minds are a powerful tool… not only to create unique art, but to help heal, one step at a time.

Art builds self confidence in seriously ill children.

Art builds self confidence in seriously ill children.