Art Excursions

Art Excursions are short field trips that combine Art and Adventure! Through experiential education, we expand our mission to build self-confidence and a passion for art.  Art Excursions invites students to try something new and expand their horizons. Usually, excursions leave students pleasantly surprised at their new-found abilities and hungry for more!kayak 2-3

Art Excursions promote a wide range of educational opportunities. Before the invention of television, cameras and other visual technologies, visual arts were the only means of recording events. Art was used to document family lineage, (like in a portrait), religious events and legends, (like stain glass in a church), and relaxing social events, (like a picnic), or historical event, (like war). Often, the artist witnessed the event, and sometimes was a participant too! The artist usually made onsite sketches then returning to the studio completed a painting or sculpture to illustrate the happening.

kayak 16-17
Art Excursions are a modern day replica of this. Instead of working from images provided for us, like a still life or photograph, Art Excursions empowers artists to experience an adventure for themselves and document it in a unique way. Armed with sketchbooks, environmentally friendly art supplies and cameras, each student records the event pictorially. Later, in the studio, students may elaborate on the pieces to create a final work of art. The art ranges from realistic to abstract. We encourage the students to record not only what they see, but try to capture how the day felt by illustrating mood, the environment and their personal thoughts.

kayak 26-27 Art Excursions range between one hour and one day long. They include, but are not limited       to, harnessed climbing, rafting, hiking, kayaking and tubing. We often use a professional            outfitter to lead us in cool activities like rafting, kayaking and tubing.

Art Adventures brings the Art. Together we execute the Art Excursion.