Summer Camps

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Be sure to ask about our  Birthday Parties, Teen Parties, Adult Paint Parties and Face Painting!

EVERY camp is different, so sign up for more than one week for a whole summer of creative FUN!

Summer Camps will be held in the Chester Studio at Point of Rocks Park (near River’s Bend)

We teach one to one so ALL ages and ALL skill levels are welcome in any camp.

2019 Camp Dates:

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Questions? Text or Call Amy 804-437-1104 or email

July 8 – July 11         9:00AM – 1:00PM

July 8 – July 11         1:30PM – 5:30PM      

July 22 – July 25      9:00AM – 1:00PM

July 22 – July 25      1:30AM – 5:30PM

Aug. 5 – Aug. 8         9:00AM – 1:00PM

Aug. 5 – Aug. 8         1:30AM – 5:30PM 

Aug. 26 – Aug. 29    9:00AM – 1:00PM

Aug. 26 – Aug. 29    1:30AM – 5:30PM 

Each camp runs Monday- Thursday. Please bring a dry snack and a drink with a secure top or juice box.

Each week-long camp includes Clay, Draw&Paint, Crafts and more!

$125 per student per week 

(Can’t stay all day? A-la-carte classes offered upon request. $55 per class)


Call or Text Amy @ 804-437-1104  or email


Sibling discount: 10% off per additional student

We use the Chesterfield County Public School Calendar.


Draw&Paint, Clay and Crafts in every week long camp! Whooohoo!

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Students will bring home at least 3 works of Art! A finished painting, a clay sculpture and a craft. Each piece is sure to dazzle you!

Students choose what they want to create.

Art Adventures does not “tell” students what to make. We allow the students to choose their subject. We show them how to use tips, tricks and techniques to bring THEIR ideas to life! Usually, every student in class is making something completely different from their neighbor. This removes student thoughts like “her Art is better than mine”. Instead, we often hear, “Ohhhh, your project is AWESOME! I want to try that next time!”; which builds self confidence and joy in students.


Throughout the week students work on their picture. Students will move from drawing to full color on their piece. Choosing from high quality paint (watercolor, tempera or acrylics), oil pastels, chalk pastels, professional cartooning markers, and more, students will bring their drawings to life!
Some subject students may choose from include:
Learning to draw and paint animals, landscapes, people, comic book design, still life, planes and cars, and advanced 3-dimensional rendering.


Elementary Painting

beach sunset



Students will choose one of the following media on the first day of camp: CLAY, PAPER MACHE, JEWELRY MAKING, COLLAGE or PRINTMAKING.
Take more than one camp and explore them ALL!
EVERY piece of Art is completely different.
       clay cougar  clay sean student art space
emily student art summer clay








Students may select a craft idea like tie dye, game design, paper mache, dream catchers, fashion design, and more!
There are over 50 projects to choose from in EACH camp! Take more than one week of camp and make something different every time!
LOOK at what else we do!
If you have a group of least 10 participants, (like Boy Scouts or Indian Princesses) you can arrange a private class.Please call or email Amy for further details. (Scroll down for contact info.)
Groups may tailor classes or choose from ideas below:
Draw & Painting
Shield or Dream Catcher Making
Make cordage from nature
Animal tracking
Friction Fire (learn how to start a fire with sticks)
Primitive Shelter Building
Tree and Plant identification
Edible natural plants
Basic survival skills
Native American skills (like hide tanning & farming)


If you were to walk into an Art Adventures DRAW &  PAINT class, you would notice that each student is working at their own pace to create a work of art that is unique. For example, one student may be designing a comic book while his neighbor is painting a unicorn splashing through a mystical pink sunset. Another student may be detailing the foreground flowers of a landscape, while yet another student is creating the realistic texture of her family dog’s fur.

In a MULTI-MEDIA class, you may see a student creating a clay rendering of her family pet, while another is manufacturing a hot air balloon out of paper mache. Her neighbor may be carving linoleum to make a series of ink prints while an older sibling is meticulously sculpting hand made beads for a hand made metal cuff bracelet.

Because of this variety and 1:1 instruction, students can take the SAME class again and again. Each time they make a new painting or sculpture, they will learn new techniques and processes.

Art Adventures is formal Art training and confidence building masked with music, smiles, interesting subjects, intuitive teachers, ORIGINALITY and IMAGINATION!


This unique teaching style, also allows students of a wide age rang and skill level to co-exist in the same class. In other words, a Kindergartner learning how to draw an animal can work side by side with a 5th grader learning perspective who is beside a 9th grader working on a canvas portrait. Likewise, serious students who are looking for advanced instruction can move at a fast pace and explore complex techniques, while a student wanting introductory sessions can let loose and be free to embrace a loose creative exploratory experience.

It is great CREATIVE FUN for everyone!

ALL styles of art are embraced in the same class.

I firmly believe that students should not be taught to paint “like the teacher”. I believe we are ALL uniquely creative individuals and it is MY job to pull the creative individuality out of each student. Learning to paint like I do would ultimately stifle student creativity. I feel is is imperative to embrace each students gifts, passions and individuality.My job is to help students SHINE! I do teach formal Art techniques, but I carefully interlace it with each students personality and individual creative style. We have so much FUN!    -Amy Barr, Owner

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We run BIRTHDAY PARTIES (for kids) and ADULT ART PARTIES (Spirited Art)!


We can even come to your home. Everyone takes home a finished CANVAS!


Art Party! Creative FUN for EVERYONE!
Art Parties!
Creative FUN for ALL ages!


Still have some questions?

Check out our Frequently Asked Questions or contact us at or 804-437-1104