Fall/Spring FAQs

How do I review the class schedule and/or register for a class?

Call 437-1104 to register and hear about class availablity.

Where are you located?

The Chester Studio is located near Point of Rocks Park and close to River’s Bend.

Can I register NOW?

Our classes are ongoing so registration for the Fall/Spring session is open from Labor Day to April. Look for early bird registration specials May through Labor Day.

What class times are available for my child?

The class schedule changes from year to year. Please call 437-1104 for current listings.

How many students are in a class?

There are about 12 students in a class. Small classes ensure an intimate setting and  high quality instruction.

Can my son/daughter be in class with their brother/sister even though they are not in the same grade?

Sometimes. Students are grouped according to their grade in school. When you register, you will be able to choose from the following categories for class grouping, BUT due to the 1:1 individualized instruction, a wide variety of ages can be in class together.

Elementary (K through 5th grade)
Middle (6th through 8th grade)
High School (9th through 12th grade)

Will my child feel out of place or be behind if I register him/her after September?

Absolutely not! We teach all of our students on a one to one basis. For example, at any given time in a draw and paint class, a student may be finishing a painting, while his neighbor is in the middle of drawing while her friend is just beginning oil pastels, while someone else is using colored pencils…. etc. No two pieces of art are the same and everyone works at their own pace. Plus, young and old, we treat each student with special care and make sure that everyone is being taught suitably for their level. This unique classroom dynamic allows students to enjoy their art and each other without any stress or feeling of competition.

If I sign up after September, when can I start?

Payments are made on a month to month basis no matter how many weeks are in a month.  Your child will begin the first week of the first full month after you sign up. For example, if you register in the middle of February, your child will begin the first week of March.

Do I have to commit for the entire year?

No, our program is designed as a year long session, however you are only committed to 1 month at a time.

How much does it cost?

There is a $45 membership fee. (if you register more than one student additional registration fees are waived.)

Our Fall/Spring session begins in September, after Labor Day, and runs through May.

  • Register prior to Labor Day for a rate of $70/month.  (This is our Early Bird Special.)
  • Register anytime between Labor Day and April 1st at a rate of $80/month.

Do I have to pay the entire fee at one time?

No, the fee is broken up into monthly installments. Monthly installments will be due the first of every month. Only the registration and supply fees are due at the time of registration.

What supplies will my child need?

New students are required to purchase an art supply kit. The supply kit includes all of the art tools and supplies that will be used throughout the year. The kit should be waiting for your child on the first day of class. Returning students will be able to update their kits either during registration or at their leisure another time.

Click on a kit to see all the cool supplies inside.

Draw and Paint Art Kit for grades Pre-K $40.26
Kindergarten $57.10
Draw and Paint Art Kit for grades 1st- 3rd $111.36
Draw and Paint Art Kit for grades 4th -8th $147.97
Draw and Paint Art Kit for High School students $130.32
Clay Tools (all ages) $134.16
Adults optional suppliesCartoon and Illustration
They will be provided for you.$91

(click on each kit to see the fun supplies in each box)

We already have some of the listed supplies at home, can I supplement the kit with what we already have?

We prefer students to have the specific supplies listed in the supply kit. We have had many years of experience with these particular brands and they help to ensure success in class.

What payment methods can I use?

We accept cash and checks. Cash payments must be made in person at the studio.

May I come to observe a class?

Of course! Feel free to call or email Art Adventures to schedule a time to visit.

What if I want to drop out?

A two week notice by mail or email is required to stop the month to month billing.

Do I need to register each year or does my spot roll over?

Yes, you need to register each year.

What if the class I want is full? Is there a waiting list?

If you would like to be placed on a waiting list, you must do so by phone or  email. Waiting lists are built on a first come basis.

Do you close for school holidays?

We are closed the week of Thanksgiving and observe Chesterfield County Schools’ spring and winter breaks.

We are open during all other holidays.

What about snow days?

For the safety of our students, when Chesterfield County Schools are closed for the ENTIRE day for snow, Art Adventures will also close. Otherwise we are open and ready for action!

If my child is absent, can I make up the missed class?

Because we teach on a one to one basis, we provide make-ups on an individual basis.  A make-up book is located in the Art Studio.
** This does not apply to the adult classes. Adults CAN make up missed art classes. Using the honor system, adults may join any class at any time to make up a missed day. With work and family commitments, we understand how difficult it can be to make it every week at the same time, so it is our pleasure to offer some class flexibility.

What is the Art Show?

Fall/Spring classes run through May and conclude with an exhibit of each student’s work completed in class at Art Adventures. All matted, framed, and sculptural pieces are accepted. There are many awards, a short program and the Senior send off. The show is a must see and fun for the entire family. Usually held in Midlothian, the times and date of the show will be announced prior to the end of the fall session.

If my child is not taking art in May, can he/she still participate in the art show?

The art show is a grand occasion and a wonderful experience for the entire family. However, only students who are currently taking art in May may participate in the event.

What if I have a special request? For example, what if I want to put an older or younger student in a class that is not already marked as mixed?

We consider all special requests. Please contact Art Adventures to discuss your request.

Are your classes only for “talented students”?

Oh, no! We believe EVERYONE can make great art! We invite students of all ages to participate in our camps. We emphasize self confidence and use positive reinforcement to ensure every student has a wonderful experience at Art Adventures.

If my child is gifted in art, will he/she be challenged in your class?

Absolutely. We work with many advanced students to sharpen their skills, teach upper level techniques and expand their creativity. (When applicable, we also help High School students build their portfolios for college.)

What should my child wear?

Although we provide cotton smocks, we do suggest students dress in casual play clothes.

Can I register for more than one class during a week?