Happy New Year! Welcome back!

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Hooray! Twenty -ten is here and it is a chance for new beginnings…We have made some changes to our creative art space…our space formally known as the Shop or the Store, is now extended classroom space. It is truly awesome!  We hope you like it!

We’ve changed a few things around the main classroom space and the clay room…see if you notice. Hmmm, we know you will and be sure to share with us how you like  it.

Ms. Amy has carved out a niche for herself at Art Adventures, making a studio in the back by the photography darkroom.  She is enjoying her new art space and making some cool artwork.  Ms. Jill is working on a small studio space where she can create as well.

Looking at an artist studio space gives a glimpse into the heart and soul of the artist.  My studio is the place that brings me happiness and nurturing as I create my silk paintings.  A studio space can be a corner of your bedroom, a garage, the dining room table….anywhere where you are comfortable to create.  We  are so proud to have you at Art Adventures learning to become artists and encourage you to create a special space at home for art.

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